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We just wanted to write and thank you for your assistance with our recent home refinance. Your expertise in manufactured homes allowed us to obtain just the right loan to fit our budget, while still getting us the best interest rate you had to offer.

Your staff’s  attention to detail was “spot-on” and the entire process was completely painless from our end. We were amazed you were able to react so quickly when Trinity changed jobs in mid-stream (thought we’d have to start from scratch) to keep our closing date the same.

We think the most pleasant surprise was that we had the documents delivered  to our home and your document person was in no rush to go over the paperwork and explain each item in detail. That’s what we call customer service.

Peter, we can’t express in words our appreciation for all of your hard work and diligence during what is normally a very difficult and lengthy process.

John & Trinity Klien - Oklahoma


The registration tags arrived over this past weekend. Thank you very much for getting that straightened out. I appreciate your efforts. And, I must tell you, that Tracy was very, very good with me through this entire deal. You should be, thankful that you have an employee such as her. Again, thank you and your staff for all you have done for me.

Alan Guy - Florida


I just completed my mobile home loan with JCF, have to offer a few points future customers may have interest in. Their phone system leaves a lot to be desired, everything from getting the wrong employee when you dialed the right extension, to getting a recording saying “All Circuits are Busy”. Another issue was my first payment date, my loan officer told me that my payment due date would be 30 days from funding. Their documentation person told me that I could choose the payment date that I wanted, even if that meant skipping a payment. I raise this point because I held off closing my loan until the date I wanted my payment due. My documentation person was nice, but a little anal, felt like I was a child in school and he was the teacher.  My realtor told me that he made her feel ignorant, although I did not think she was the sharpest tool either. On the upside, I was impressed and that is not an easy task. My realtor had never sold a mobile home in a park, she was lost in the dark and she was starting to freak out. Apparently everything they teach in realtor school or possibly elementary school does not apply to mobile homes in parks. However, the documentation person at JCF took control of the situation and walked her through it and that was not an easy task.

On a completely positive note, the interest rate I received was a full 1% less than anyone else had offered. They offer 24/7 live chat so that you can always check the status of you loan, that was a life saver being on the east coast. Overall the staff was very friendly and professional. I would recommend them in the future.

Lenny Bergmann – New York  


Debbie Johnson did an excellent job for us. This was our first home purchase, and Debbie and her staff or team as she called it, were professional and informative through every step of the process. We had some hurdles that needed to be cleared in order to get a loan, and Debbie was diligent in helping us clearing those hurdles. Then she was very persistent with the underwriting and did not give up on us. Her professionalism, hard work and diligence are much appreciated by me and my family. Debbie Johnson was top notch and I would recommend her and JCF to anyone that wants a manufactured home!

Kathy Thompson - Phoenix, AZ


Our experience with JCF was great! The loan was approved instantly and processed in the time frame we needed. The loan officer carefully explained the procedures and answer all the questions we had about refinancing our home. It was also very convenient to have 24/7 access via their live help service.

Stan Wilson - Roseburg, Oregon, Go Ducks!


Sounds like mostly happy people have posted here. What you will not read about is that JCF Lending Group only works with people with excellent credit, no risk there. So yes if you are one of those elite people, JCF may well be the choice for you. I was declined in less than 10 minutes by phone, so much for their 15 minute approval. I would have waited a few days for an approval.

Stan Wright - Homeless in Texas


Clarification Needed

In the State of California, 3rd party escrow is mandatory, if you look at JCF guidelines it clearly states that. I know that the previous poster is in Utah not California, but I think this clarification is needed.

Stan White – California Realtor


Read what Clark had to say, but I think he is missing the point. We just bought a home and used JCF Lending Group for the financing. We did have a Realtor, in fact one for us and the other for the sellers. The realtors that were handling my home sale went nuts when they found out that JCF does their own internal escrow.  Told me that it could not be done without the use of an escrow company, what a crock that was. They even tried to push me on to a mortgage broker that did things “properly”. What they did not tell me was they wanted me to use a broker that was going to charge me almost 10% interest and almost $4,000.00 in broker fees, and then $900.00 in escrow fees.  We told our realtor that we were going to cancel the transaction if we could not use the lender of our choice, JCF lending Group. So no 3rd party escrow, saved there and then the rate I received 6.99%, that was sweet too. The process took around three weeks, the service we received was excellent. Again what I think Clark was missing is the bargaining tool you have when the lender does their own escrow. That means that the seller does not have to pay an escrow fee and may be willing to drop the price they are asking, they did in my case. So I not only saved $900.00, but an additional $500.00 off the price of the manufactured home.  

Steve & Alisa Young – Provo, UT


I just sold my home and using this lender and I am quite impressed with their service and professionalism. First, I must point out that I did not use a realtor, I sold my home by myself.  JCF provided everything from the purchase agreement to the final closing statement a no expense to me, not one dime.  I had a realtor talk with me about selling my home, he wanted 6% commission and I was supposed to pay ½ of the escrow fee, which the realtor said would be approximately $700.00.  I saved more than $6,000.00, because the buyers of my home made a smart move and chose this lender. From the service I received you would think I was being charged big bucks, but like I said not one dime.

Clark Liebeger - New York


It’s the first week in our new manufactured home and Steve and I wanted to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated all your hard work. Everything went so smoothly and quickly every step of the way. From our first phone call we knew we had made the right choice with you and your group. Your response time to all our questions made the whole process seem almost easy. We felt that we were your only clients and were always getting your full attention. Even our real estate agent was impressed. You came highly recommended and we will certainly continue to spread the word that Peter and the JCF Lending Group are the people to turn to when you need a manufactured home mortgage. Peter, you are a true professional and you are very good at what you do. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Steve & Darlene - Cleveland, OH


Two months prior to purchasing my home this fall, I spoke with Tracy and her team regarding my mobile home mortgage options. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions not only in the area of mobile home purchase financing, but legal and other park related questions. Tracy carefully evaluated all the options available to me, gave me all the information I needed in order to make the best financing decision, and together we made a choice of mortgage that perfectly suits my needs. Tracy was extremely professional, helpful and very prompt with replies to my questions. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking for a mobile home type mortgage. I had a great experience working with her and her team.

Chelsea Love - Vancouver, WA

Believe it or not I have used these people to finance or refinance my home 6 times. Yes the service is good, the only thing I do not care for now is the multiple office thing. My first 3 transactions were all done by the same person, at the same location. Now my credit was approved in Las Vegas, I was called minutes later by a person in the Oregon, who said they will be handling my file. My documents were sent to me by the Washington office and I will make my payments to the Texas office and finally my insurance clause has the Ohio office listed. Is it me or does that sound like a lot of wasted man power.

Timothy Hill - Vancouver, WA


Just refinanced my home with JCF, I am happy. Great rate for a manufactured home, still higher than conventional rates for stick built home :(. I feel I got the best rate and term from JCF, although I was not happy that they cap their cash out at 80% LTV. For those of you that are unaware of the term LTV, it means loan to value. Anyway nice people to deal with as a whole.

Sergio Ramirez - Phoenix, AZ


Just completed my new loan, now for some straight feed back on my experience, good and bad. On the negative end, I was left up in the air and had to call to determine if I had to send my first payment by mail or were you going to take my first payment by automatic withdrawal. I was told my first payment was due 30 days from funding, when in fact you did not require a payment for almost 45 days. Why did my loan officer not know this? Included in my loan was a closing/escrow fee of $299.00, why wasn't the seller required to pay half of this? Why did your Samantha, switch me me to a new "male" loan officer, simply because I asked her what she was wearing on that day. I was only interested in the weather, nothing more! Screening my calls is not good customer service.

On the positive, the rate I received from JCF, was more than 1% less than anyone else and I believe you are the only one that offers 24/7 service. Also, your web site is the only one that publishes rates, other sites wanting an application before they could even discuss rates. As stated above, I was upset about being switched to Carl, but I still appreciate the hard work Samantha did, and hope when I am in Vegas, that I can apologize to Samantha for any misunderstanding.

Earl Wormington - Bay Springs, Mississippi


I was very pleased, excellent service, great rate. Nice people to work with overall.

Maynard Wilson - Las Vegas, Nevada


Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to write to thank you again for working so incredibly hard for us. John rented a truck today and is moving all the big stuff over with his dad and brother. I'm working till noon :( so I won't be able to help move and organize stuff till then, but tonight we are spending our first night in our new home! We are thrilled. We can not believe it is ours! It is really a dream come true. And out of all the manufactured houses we pursued during this process with you this house really is the best in so many ways. So everything about this has really been a miracle.

I also wanted to say that it is apparent to us that you have a very difficult job. But we want you to know that you were always a breath of fresh air for us thourghout this process. Thank you for having integrity in an industry where it seems integrity is not the norm. I wish we could send you a spa day or a bouquet of chocholate covered strawberries or soemthing to show you just how grateful we are to you. Unfortuanalty with our recent purchase we are flat out of money so please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude instead.

John & Melissa - Ventura, CA


Attn: Collection Department Manager:

My mom passed away on August 1st, 2008, I discovered that my mother (Due to Illness) had not made a payment for several months, I was directed to your collection department and had the pleasure of working with, Janice Coldwell, who worked with your upper management to waive all late fees which amounted to a considerable amount of money, she was sincere and most of all could relate to my pain. She helped me through a very dramatic period in my life and also went on to help me transfer the title in into my name after I received it. Today is October 14th, just received a call from Janice checking on how things were going for me, calling simply because she cared. Janice is an example of what corporations can do to improve their image, thank you Janice and JCF.

Louise Smelter - Boise, ID


I doubt if this will make your website, but I’ll give it a try.  JCF needs to lighten up on their credit requirements. Trying to buy  a single wide mobile home, and I was declined over the phone in about 4 minutes. I have always paid my bills on time, but don’t have a lot of credit. Was told abruptly they could not help.  Didn’t even run my credit.  You should give people a chance.  Just food for thought. Ever hear of a 2nd chance, I did not get a first chance.

John A. - Eugene, Oregon



I do not care for your new online help system and much more prefer the old system. The new system gives you to an basic operator, who then "sometimes" transfers you to the correct department. they old system let you go to specific departments, no fuss no muss. Also this system is down more often than the old system, which is an inconvenience to your customers.

Brandi T. - Albany, New York


To the staff at JCF,

  Just wanted to drop a quick line and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  After my divorce, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my 2 kids. You can imagine the squalor.  I decided to look for a place to call home, and found the perfect manufactured home that was affordable.  The next problem, finding a company that would finance a mobile home in a park.  I searched the internet, and found a few companies, but could never get a live person on the phone.  I didn't’ want to blindly apply and drive down my credit score if they did not offer what I was looking for.  My realtor suggested I call JCF, a manufactured home finance company, who she had worked with before. Because I work, it is hard to find a company who works beyond the 8-5.  I thought I’d take my chances and called at 6:00 p.m.  To my surprise, the phone was answered, and I was asked some general questions.  I was then transferred over to Peter who got some additional information and told me he’d call back in about 15 minutes.  I thought yeah right.  Sure enough, the phone rang a little while later, and was told I was approved.  I was given an interest rate, payment, and things I would need to provide.  I couldn't’ believe it.  Peter called my realtor the next morning and told her I was approved.
  A short two weeks later, everything was finalized and I was handed the keys. I now have a home to call my own, and the kids don’t have to share a room anymore, which is a blessing in itself!  Thank you again Peter. If anyone needs your services, I will definitely give you a referral.

  Kim S. – Anaheim, CA



I originally called you when I wanted a loan for a single wide mobile home that I was going to buy and move to my property. The person I spoke to, explained that JCF did not finance homes that will be moved after financing and that all homes must be completely set-up before funding. The person I spoke to explained that the end cost of moving a mobile home is almost always much more expensive than the original quote by the mover. How much more expensive, I found that out the hard way and now understand why JCF won't touch them until there are moved and set-up.

Before getting a personal loan for this mobile home, I called and got a quote from a mover of $1,500.00, to move my single wide home 6 miles. I could afford that and the price was right. I paid for the home and then contacted the mover. This is where the nightmare started and I would never wish this on my worst enemy. The mover forgot to mention the price to move the home did not include hiring a tear down & set-up crew, a plumber and electrician. Nor did the mover mention all of the out of pocket monies that will need to be paid to the county planning department or the 2 full days in line. After 4 inspections, 70 days later, the home was finally signed off by the county. Final price tag for the move, $7,670.00, or $1,278 dollars for each mile moved.

My advise for anyone thinking of moving a mobile home, just say "NO".

Steven Coons
Medford, OR - Private Land


Hey Everybody,

Just completed refinancing my manufactured home with JCF, great rate and excellent service. My only bitch is that principal payments need to be mailed in, why don't they have an online system for this, everythiing else is online or automatically deducted?

Ryan Mullier
Ocala, FL - Mobile Home Park



I can work with anal, as long as it comes with a great rate. My old lender was Vanderbilt Mortgage, I called a dozen places on the internet, all said they could not help because they had a no compete agreement with Vanderbilt Mortgage . JCF was the first one to not care and we got an incredibly low interest rate with them. I am happy and I strongly recommend them.

Tom Fisher
Phoenix, AZ - Mobile Home Park


Hey Leonard,

Got one up on you, I called JCF Lending Group and was declined in less than 2 minutes, as they consider trying to finance a home for my son "High Risk" and would not even consider it. I would have gladly waited a few days for an approval. This company is anal, with their ZERO risk policies.

Kathy Moiser
Klamath Falls, Oregon - Home Buyer


I normally do not normally write comments about companies, unless I am complaining about something. This is the exception to the rule. One Saturday, I started shopping online for a loan to purchase a manufactured home in California. The home was located in a manufactured home park where you don't own the land you lease the land. I am writing to give praise to JCF for a few specific reasons. Rates, they are the ONLY lender that I could find that actually posts their rates. The other web sites wanted me to complete an application, run my credit, then get back to me in a few days. without a hint at the rate they could offer. Unfortunately, I did this on several sites, I learned a valuable lesson, if they don't post their rates, they are not proud of their rates. On that same Saturday, I called JCF and was approved in 20 minutes, the agent even apologized for taking an extra 5 minutes to call back, as they promise 15 minutes. I was approved for a very attractive rate, however I explained that I was just shopping, the agent was fine with that and said to contact him when I was ready. He also did something thing that really surprised me, he offered to fax my credit report to any other lender that I authorized, so that my credit score would not drop due to inquiries, talk about confidence. I had previously applied to 4 other sites, only 2 replied back several days later, quoting a much higher rate. I could never reach the other 2 lenders, all I got was voice mail and that was never returned. As you might of guessed I went with JCF, and I was very pleased with them, for my number one pet peeve, contact. I called JCF numerous times and only got voice mail 1 time. Now, if you have never purchased a home, let me tell you, there is a lot involved and without the great service that I received I would have pulled my hair out. My realtor also commented on the availability of my agent, how unusual it was to always speak to a live person. Finally I am not saying everything went totally smooth, we had a few bumps in the road, but I would give JCF a 8 out of 10 rating.

Leonard Wiseman
San Diego, California - Manufactured Home Community

JCF Staff,

4th mobile home loan in 10 years, that has to be a record, where is my prize? Just kidding, I loved the coffee cups and cookies! I do want to say good job once again and say that I am sorry that you lost Michelle Hicks, she helped me twice before and she was a kick. Not taking anything away from my loan officer, Amanda, your great too. In fact you are all great people to deal with and I will probably be calling you in the near future.

Stephanie Howard
Eugene, Oregon - Mobile Home Park

Let me begin by saying that I understand if you do not print this, I understand that this section is for your customers.

As a California Realtor that specializes in manufactured home sales in parks, I can not tell you what a blessing it is that I found JCF and of course Tracy, my underwriter at JCF. Now I have some powerful tools under my belt, great low rates and fantastic customer service.

Sharla Johnson
Re/Max Realty - Los Angeles, CA - Manufactured Home Sale Specialist
When I set out to find "mobile home financing" I had no idea of the nightmare I would encounter. Almost 100% of the web sites out there that advertise for mobile home financing are nothing more than lead sellers. The worst thing about these sites is they sell your name & phone number to companies that don't even finance mobile homes, you find that out the hard way, after they have run your credit. I had almost given up hope, then I found this site, www.jcfinc.net. Just applied today, I will update everyone on how my loan process goes, hopefully no bumps in the road.

Mike Johnson
Detroit, MI - Mobile Home Park

When we first bought our Fleetwood Mobile Home from a Clayton Mobile Home Dealer, I should have suspected something right from the get go. Why would Clayton a mobile home manufacturer have a Fleetwood Mobile Home for sale. This home appeared new and was selling for a great price, we agreed to buy the home and thought we were getting a great buy. We were putting the home in a mobile home park and we were there when they placed the home. The mobile home movers seemed like they were having problems, so my husband went over to see what was wrong. The mover told my husband that it is always hard re-setting used mobile homes. Used Mobile home? My husband repeated to the home mover, this is a new manufactured home. Then he told both of us the history of this home and I wanted to kill the sales person who sold it to me. First of all the home was considered technically "new", but it was in fact a 2002 model year home. The mobile home mover told my husband, that even though they are called mobile homes, they are truly only intended to be set once at a home site and the home settles and or conforms to it's location. Then he told both us the history of our "new mobile home". In 2002, our home was originally put in a manufactured home community (park), by a dealer who was trying to sell it already set up. Our mobile home sat for a year unsold, the dealer filed bankruptcy and the flooring company (bank) pulled the home out of the park and sold it to another dealer. It sat for a year on this dealers lot, until (believe this) this dealer went out of business. This dealers bank sold it to the Clayton Dealer. So our new mobile home had been set up a total of 4 times. Not only do we feel ripped off, our "new manufactured home" will never set perfectly. Our doors will always sick, our walls will crack. Warranty? Forget it. My advise to everyone buying a manufactured home is caution, know what your actually getting before you sign the dotted line.

Matthew & Cindy Johnson
Memphis, TN - Mobile Home Park

Happy Fathers Day Jack!.

Thinking of you and your kindness during this Father's Day Weekend. Thank you, Jack, for helping me get my home. I'm still unpacking and amazed and grateful for my good fortune. Your patient nurturing helped me get through a very difficult time and I will never forget it.

Most Sincerely,

Sara Mintonye
Coquille, Oregon - Mobile Home Park

I bought a beautiful 2001 Palm Harbor Manufactured Home, the dealer provided manufactured home financing with a company called Chase Manhattan. I originally financed $60,000. I wanted to refinance my manufactured home, so I called my lender for a payoff. My balance was now $63,000, after paying on my mobile home for over 4 years my balance was more than I started out with. My friend in my manufactured home community referred me to Kathy White at JCF Lending Group, who had helped her refinance her manufactured home. I faxed Kathy a copy of my Chase Manhattan Contract and the payoff I received, she went to work for me, even though I told her I had no intention of refinancing my home at this point in the game. We did a three way call with my lender, Kathy asked hard hitting questions of the customer service representative, excuse after excuse. Finally she said the this is the way "Chase Manhattan" calculates interest. So let me tell you what we discovered. If your payment is due on the 1st of the month and you pay it ten days early, say on the 20th. Next month you pay it when you are supposed to, on the 1st, you are charged 10 days interest, because they did not receive your payment within 30 days of the last payment, so in my case this would be $170, this is added to your balance and you pay interest on this as well. So, over the last 4 years, when I was thinking I was doing the right thing making my payment as soon as I could. I was actually burying myself in late fees, the people at Chase Manhattan never said a word, just let me dig my grave deeper. I want to thank Kathy White for taking her time to help me and I will be refinancing my manufactured home with JCF, once I get these ridiculous late fees removed.

Janis Steinberger
Costa Mesa, California - Manufactured Home Community

Dear JCF President,

I want to let you know about an outstanding employee you have in your employee, Molly Fosnot who made financing our mobile home in California the easiest transaction ever. When we came to JCF, we were shopping. We were actually talking with 3 different mobile home lenders at the time. Molly let us know that we had to apply first and then we would get a firm quote. I let Molly know I was shopping. Molly said that didn't matter, that JCF Lending Group always offers the lowest rate and fee combination regardless of what other lenders charge, and that nobody at JCF Lending Group was on or driven by commission. Like everybody else, I thought it was just a sales pitch, although she sounded sincere. What I found out was that the rate and fee combination quoted by Molly was close to 2 full percentage points lower than the next offer. I quickly accepted Molly's offer. Unlike the other offers I received, I was not required to pay for credit reports, or asked for money up front, everything was financed into my mortgage. This was probably the easiest transaction I've ever had and will recommend Molly & your firm to the rest of the residents of my mobile home park.


G. Avila - Buena Park, CA. - Leased Land
Michelle Hicks,

I want to personally thank you for the exceptions that were made on my case for refinancing my manufactured home. You went above and beyond in helping me and my wife. We were previously turned down by two other mobile home lenders who would not take the time to let us explain our situation. I highly praise you and will refer you to my friends and family. You're great !!!

Thank you,

Clyde Bennett
Miami Beach, FL. - Mobile Home Park

Warning to all,

I was lucky to find JCF Lending Group. I was able to find financing for my mobile home that was in a park. I was surprised to find that they are one of the few lenders in the nation that specialize in mobile home financing in parks. Now back to my warning. I made a horrible mistake, and want to warn others about applying at those sites that offers 3 quotes from different lenders. That is where I started. To this date, they have sold my name to over 100 mortgage brokers who don't even finance mobile homes, let alone, mobile homes in parks. I have been called as late as 11:00 at night. Not only am I getting calls from these mortgage brokers, but I am also getting calls from debt consolidation companies, and credit repair companies. I warn the public, stay away from the companies that are selling your name and personal information from these web sites. If they do not offer the financing themselves, run. My loan closed with JCF over 2 weeks ago, today at 8:00 I received a call to talk to me about doing a second on my home. I asked this person where they got my information, said it was a lead they paid for. If I had only known before I applied with these "shysters".

Just getting this off my chest,

Tad Wilson - St. Paul, MN - Mobile Home Park
Attn: Customer Service Supervisor

Just want to let you know what a great help Kathy White was in financing our mobile home. Before finding JCF Lending Group, I had gone with another "mobile home" lender, who told me my credit was approved, then told me at the very last minute, that because my home was in a manufactured home park, my approval was canceled. When I first talked to Kathy, I kept telling her I'm in a mobile home park. She reassured me that this was fine, and that was all they did. From beginning to end, she wrapped up my transaction in less than 2 weeks. I thought I was going to lose the home I desperately wanted. Kathytold me not to worry, and she handled everything as promised.

Thanks again,

Rosanna Robinson - Attica, MI - Manufactured Home Park
Dear Credit Manager,

I was declined for having a bankruptcy less than four years old. My question to you sir, is how do people get a fresh start when lenders keep holding people down that have had bankruptcy. This is America and this is suppose to give us a fresh start. I was trying to finance $60,000 for a mobile home in a park, not a 1 million dollar mansion. JCF needs to amend it's credit policies to give more Americans a chance at the American Dream.

Frustrated - In Dallas - Mobile Home Park

I bet you thought we forgot you. Thank You Thank You! Next time you are in Los Angeles my wife and I want to take you for a steak dinner. Anyone I meet that needs help getting a manufactured Home mortgage will be directed to you my lady. You were great to work with and I want to again express my thanks.

Ben & Ruth Hollingsworth - Los Angeles, CA - Leased Land
To the Staff at JCF,

This is my third manufactured home loan through you and like always you performed like clockwork.


Tom & Cindy Davenport
Fresno, California - Mobile Home Park

JCF Management,

Not often do we experience good customer service. The person who is willing to take that extra step in providing you with all of the information and take the time to explain that information to you. I have refinanced my home twice in the last year with JCF Lending Group. I was fortunate to have Susan as my loan specialist who continually has gone above and beyond the call in assisting me with exceptional service. She has been there with the answers to all of my questions and her follow up is greatly appreciated. JCF is fortunate to have such a dedicated employee working for them. Susan "YOU'RE THE GREATEST!"

Thank you for all of your help,

Todd Batchelder - California - Manufactured Home Community
Attention: JCF General Manager

I had been trying to sell my mobile home for over a year, when I came to the realization that I was upside down in my current mortgage. My current mobile home loan balance was more than the market value of my mobile home. I called my mortgage company and told them of my dilemma. They asked me to write a letter to that affect and they could knock $10,500 off of the balance. I reduced my price and found a buyer almost instantly. I called my current mortgage company, who informed me that they no longer finance manufactured homes in parks. They recommended JCF, who I had my buyer contact. A few days later I received a call from a young woman named Karyn Christensen. She asked me about the home and asked me if I had gotten a recent pay off from my lender. I explained what my current lender had offered me, thats when it was explained to me that by the lender doing this, I would have my credit destroyed. I would have a black mark on my credit and would have to pay taxes on the $10,500. I confronted my mortgage company with these facts and low and behold the truth be told. I ended up splitting the difference with the buyer and sold my home for the true pay off. I want to thank Karyn, because if it were not for her, my life would have been destroyed.

Bill Myers - Florida - Mobile Home Park
We just bought our first home, a wonderful manufactured home in a 5 star park. JCF Lending Group got my manufactured home mortgage business mainly because of their professional web site and staff. I called several lenders I found on the internet, none would discuss rate with me until I filled out a full application. Then I found JCF who publishes their rates for all to see, and I could ask questions 24 hours a day on their Live Help feature. Their web site also gives more information that all of their competitors combined. I went ahead and applied with them. Two days later, they gave me an official Manufactured Home Mortgage quote, I told them that I was going to continue to shop. The person who I dont remember the name of, told me that JCF would be glad to furnish my credit reports to any other lender that would need to see my credit before giving me a quote. This the JCF person said would protect me from having too many inquires. I was shocked that this company was so sure of their rates and fees, that they would actually provide my report to another competitor. Needless to say, I did not bother.

Jim & Nancy Stein - Oregon - Mobile Home Community
I applied to several companies for refinancing my manufactured home. All gave me quotes, except JCF Lending Group, who advised me that it would not be in my best interest to refinance my manufactured Home. My loan officer, Susan Ries, took the time to point out that refinancing my home, would not be in my best interest and took the time to show me in black and white, why. I have to say it was quite refreshing to have someone look out for you, instead just selling you something that you do not need. I would highly recommend JCF for anyone looking for manufactured home financing. They seem like a down to earth company, that look out for the consumer.

Thanks for your honesty,
Janis White - Texas - Family Land
(This is the 3rd time I have submitted my comments to JCF, the first two were rejected, hopefully this one makes it.) We did not get our manufactured home mortgage with JCF Lending Group, BUT I WISH WE HAD.

We had applied and been approved, by a company that I am forced to call, mortgage firm X, before applying to JCF. We were called by a JCF representative and were quoted a much lower payment than we were quoted by mortgage firm X. When we confronted mortgage firm X, they told us that they would match the quote that we had received by JCF. Since we had supplied them with documentation, and were ready to close, we agreed, and cancelled with JCF. When we received our documents from mortgage firm X, they had not matched the payment that they told us they would. The rate was still higher and they were still charging $1,800.00 in loan fees, plus some smaller charges. We called and complained, talked to someone who identified himself as a general manager, who apologized and stated that they NEVER adjust their loan fee, this was not their policy, must of been a misunderstanding. To "Fix" the problem and stop me from taking my business else where, he said he would send me $550.00 dollars after the loan closed. The loan closed and our old mortgage company was paid of off, we waited two weeks before we called to ask why we had not received a check. That same manager, that had promised the $550.00, now could not recall saying that, and to slap us in the face by saying that he would not of said that because that was against company policy. We are now going to pay for our mistake of " taking their word" for twenty years. Hopefully the Better Business Bureau, will help us get what we were promised, that is still pending.

Lois Rogers - Michigan - Mobile Home Park 55+
First I want to thank JCF for getting me away from from my original lien holder, they were a nightmare. My balance after three years had actually gone up, not down. I want to point out that I had never made a late payment, as some of you may be assuming. I found out about JCF by accident really, I had applied with a local mortgage company, who told me I was approved. Almost two months later, with escrow opened, I was told they could not help me because I was in a mobile home park. Over two months of dragging their feet, just to say, NO. I called the escrow company, to find out why they let it go so far without noticing my home was in a park, I was told this happens all the time, by numerous mortgage brokers. She was nice enough to give me the number of JCF, which is how I found them. Here is some advise before you apply to a company for a loan for a mobile home, especially one in a park, talk to a supervisor of that company to be SURE, that they in fact work with homes in parks or work with mobile homes at all.

Stanley Berger - California - Mobile Home Park

I have not completed my loan yet, but just wanted to say that I love being able to check my account online. At any hour of the day, I can see exactly where my account is and how things are going.

Very cool feature,
Davie Goldman - Washington - Retirement Manufactured Home Community

Thank you guys! I am twenty years old and didn't think anyone could help me get a loan for a mobile home, as I had been turned down by 3 other lenders because of a lack of credit. JCF approved me under a special program that takes into consideration people with limited credit histories. A special thanks to Tracy, in the credit department, Jayson in documentation, and of course my loan officer, Susan Ries. Some people may not appreciate how great it feels to own their home, to actually call something yours. This home is just a stepping stone for me, as I plan to sell in about 1 year and move up to a double wide home. The credit line that JCF provided for me is all I need, to launch my future.

Jackie Rodriguez - Texas - Mobile Home Park
I would like to thank JCF Lending Group for helping me sell my manufactured home. Even the real estate agent I was working with couldn't tell me what I could sell my home for. I called JCF just hoping that they could direct me to someone who could help me out. They went out of their way and researched my home for me and I was finally able to find out what my home was worth. It was so nice to talk to a real person who knew about manufactured homes.

Melonie Douglas - West Virginia - Manufactured Home Community 55+
I want to comment on my experience shopping for a mobile home loan online. I applied to several mobile home lenders and JCF Lending Group, who finally got my business, was the last one I applied to, but the first one to get back with me. I was quoted a rate and all fees that were involved for the refinance of my mobile home by a loan officer by the name of Susan Ries. She did not play games, just offered what she had available. I told her I wanted to keep shopping. She was fine with that, and told me she would hold onto my file until I was ready. Other lenders called, most could not help me because my home is on leased land. Why they advertise for financing for mobile homes on leased land is a real mystery! The lenders that did contact me and did finance mobile homes on leased land played musical rate with me and outright dodged my questions about fees. When I told them I had been quoted a better rate by JCF, they wanted to check with their manager to see if they could meet or beat my JCF offer. I felt like I was buying a used car. My mobile home loan has since funded with JCF and I have still not heard from these other lenders. They did not even give me a courtesy call and let me know that they could not beat my JCF quote. I appreciate the way JCF treats customers and would recommend them to anyone searching for a mobile home loan.

Don Kotter - Oregon
Thank you Tracy for making the credit exception to my file. You were great to work with and I plan to give your name out in my park.

Tony Beechtrom - Michigan - Mobile Home Park

I think JCF is missing the boat by not financing new manufactured homes.

Just my thoughts,
Stan Walker - California - Mortgage Broker

I had looked all over for a finance company to give me some cash back so I could pay off my high interest credit cards, and maybe a little for that deck I have always wanted. Unfortunately, I own a single wide mobile home in a park. I found that there absolutely no finance companies offering such a program, then I found JCF Lending Group. Andrew (my customer service person) not only helped figure out which credit cards would be the best to payoff, but I also got rid of my high interest rate on my home and my credit cards, as well as had enough left to get not just any old deck, but I had enough to build myself a wrap around porch! Thank you Andrew and all the staff at JCF Lending Group.

Robert Leonard - New York - Mobile Home Park

I had searched all over the internet for a finance company that would refinance our home in a mobile home community. Finally, a friend recommended that we contact JCF Lending Group. The people at JCF were kind and courteous and we got our interest lowered and we even took six years off our loan! I am so glad that our friend recommended JCF to us. Now we can finally catch up on the important things in life.

Thank you so much JCF Lending Group,

Steve Hudnall and family - Nebraska - Mobile Home Community

The gals in the home sale department are so helpful. I owned a manufactured home in a mobile home park and was trying to find financing for my buyers, but no one could tell me what my manufactured home was worth. Karyn and Michelle set me up with an entire package of information, from value of the home to how my buyers could apply. It made it so much easier and they didn't even charge me for the help. I was able to sell my manufactured home and for the price I was looking for. Thank you girls, I really appreciate the help!

Roger Gregory- Maryland - Manufactured Home Community

I am so glad I found someone who knows mobile home refinancing! Everyone I talked to said it couldn't be done because my mobile home is in a park, but JCF came through for me. They saved me a bunch of money on my mobile home loan and made it so easy. Thank you JCF for helping people with mobile homes in parks!

Kristi Mckweon, Illinois - Mobile Home Park

I am just now starting to shop for manufactured home loan, but I have to say that JCF has one cool web site. It is 1:00 AM here in California, and I just got done discussing my needs with one of their live help operators. The ability to get help and talk to someone 24 hours a day is a incredible benefit. Their site offers allot of information as well, which is important when deciding to apply or not to apply. I am going to continue to shop, when I can find the time to contact the other guys. I did apply for a manufactured home loan with JCF Lending Group, because I could ask questions now, in the middle of the night.

Cool Website!
P. Carlson - Huntington Beach, CA ( I will let you know if I get the loan)
After reading some of the comments here, I think it is important to point out that the employees of a company make it or break it. In my case, that employee was Susan Ries. She handled my mobile home mortgage from beginning to end. Susan was very friendly, and very knowledgeable about refinancing my mobile home. She gave me the lowest interest rate, and by far, the lowest fees. She made the entire transaction very smooth and easy. I felt she had my best interests at heart. I would definitely recommend JCF's Susan Ries to anyone that is looking to refinance or finance their mobile home.

Very Grateful,
Hal Copelund - North Carolina - Leased land

Let me start by saying that I did not re-finance my manufactured home with JCF Lending Group. Before finding JCF, I obtained 3 other quotes from other lenders. I called JCF Lending Group, to see if they did in fact offer the lowest rate and fee combination, as advertised on their web site. The person I was put in contact with was Tracy. I explained to her that I had received other offers for refinancing my mobile home and what my current interest rate and payments were. Tracy worked up some numbers that were significantly lower than any of the other quotes. She then surprised me by telling me that I was better off staying in my current mobile home loan, because I only had 5 years left to pay on my mortgage. Because I have already been in my mobile home mortgage for 15 years, she pointed out that the bulk of my payment was now going to principal. None of the other companies told me that. They said I should refinance my mobile home.

Thank you JCF and Thank You Tracy !!!!
Josephine Altman - Ohio - Private Land

When I purchased my new manufactured home, I was so excited about the new purchase that I did not pay attention to the extremely high rate of interest I was being charged. I thought I had to live with it. Then a friend told me about JCF Lending Group, a lender who finances and refinances manufactured homes, even when they are located in a park. I saved over $200.00 a month and thousands overall.

Thank You,
Betty Hulse, Oregon - Mobile Home Park
I set off to refinance my mobile home, I hit brick wall after brick wall. No one would consider refinancing my mobile home because it was in a mobile home park. Then I found JCF Lending Group on the internet. In less than a week I had reduced my monthly payment by over $60.00 a month. I want to thank JCF for their professional and fast action on my behalf.

John Baker, Michigan - Mobile Home Park
I originally financed my home with Vanderbilt Mortgage. When I checked on refinancing my home for today's lower rate, I was told by a Vanderbilt Customer Service representative, that they do not refinance their own loans. Then I went on the internet and was told by more than a dozen brokers that they do not refinance Vanderbilt mortgages, because of a no compete agreement. I had almost given up all hope of refinancing my mobile home, when a friend told me about JCF Lending Group. They refinanced my current mobile home mortgage and ended up saving me over $50,000 dollars. I shortened my term by over 5 years, and still pay $90.00 dollars less a month.

Way to go JCF!
Genie Rodgers, from the great state of Texas
A word of warning, before we found JCF Lending Group, we applied to several of those companies that advertise that they will have multiple lenders compete for our business. We were contacted (at all hours), by company after company, only to be told that we do not qualify because our home is in a mobile home park. I advise everyone out there to avoid companies that sell your application, they are a waste of time. JCF Lending Group offered us fast and courteous service, and best of all, they specialize in financing for mobile homes in parks.

Thanks Again,
Peter & Entrice Miller, California - Mobile Home Park 55+
I want to personally thank Michelle Hicks, JCF Lending Group Home Sale Director and her Staff for making our manufactured home purchase amazingly easy. From our initial application, to a check in the sellers hand and only 14 days had passed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for mobile / manufactured home financing.

John & Alice Barber, Arizona - Mobile Home Park
Just want to say that your new web site is awesome. I am sure it is making waves in the manufactured home lending industry. To offer 24 hour live help is just a stroke of genius, hope your competitors don't wake up.

Good Luck,
Kurt Thomas, Texas - Lease land

As a single mother of two children, I was tired of paying rent and throwing money out the window. I decided to buy a mobile home and went online to look for financing. I found JCF Lending Group and filled out their easy online application. In less than 2 days, I received a phone call letting me know my credit was approved for the mobile home loan. The whole process was quick, and easy. I now have a home to call my own. Thank you JCF Lending Group.

W. Brown, Colorado - Mobile Home Park

When I heard of interest rates going down, I decided to refinance my mobile home. I checked out a lot of different web sites, and a lot of different mobile home lenders. Then I stumbled across JCF Lending Group. Their Live Chat room was open and they answered all of my financing questions. I didn't have to leave a phone number or email address and wait for a phone call. JCF had the most professional web site, and they made my new mobile home loan transition smooth. I would recommend JCF to anyone.

George Liston, North Carolina - Family Land
My husband and myself recently retired, and with the kids out of the house, we didn't need all the room we had in our home. We decided to buy a manufactured home in a retirement community. My daughter went on the internet and found JCF Lending Group. Their staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We found the perfect manufactured home, and were moved into the home in 3 weeks. We just love our manufactured home, and the park it's in.

Forever grateful,
Helen & Ralph Greene, Florida - Manufactured Home Retirement Community
I recently went online to find a mobile home refinancing loan. I found several lenders, and put my application into two different companies. JCF Lending Group called me the following day to tell me they had a credit approval for the refinance of my mobile home. I told them I was waiting for the other company to contact me, and would call them back. A week passed, and still no word from the other company. I called the other company, left a message, and no one ever called me back. I went with JCF Lending Group for my new mobile home loan, and I'm glad I did. Their friendliness and professionalism was unbelievable. Now that I look back, I don't know why I waited that extra week.

Dave Skinner, Minnesota - Manufactured Home Park
I just went thru some major changes in my lifestyle and needed to refinance my mobile home loan due to the payment. After searching the internet I found several people that I thought could help me with my manufactured home. I found JCF Lending Group had a Live Chat room that I could talk to someone online to see if they could help me. I placed an application that day with them and heard back within 24 hours with my loan being approved. It was so easy! My loan officer explain exactly what was needed and we closed on my refinance loan in 2 weeks.

Thank you so much,
Sandy Morrison, Texas - Mobile Home Community

I want to thank JCF Lending Group for getting me away from Conseco Finance, I now no longer get those nasty phone calls when my payment is a day late! Their customer service is the best and you can always talk to a live person.

Jimmy Johnson, South Carolina - Family Land

I just purchased a mobile home and found my financing through JCF was simple and easy. I had tried to go through Conseco and they referred me to JCF. The staff at JCF was very helpful and kept me informed every step of the way. I now own a lovely singlewide mobile home in a wonderful park.

Thanks again everyone at JCF Lending Group,
Gerry Klinkadale, New York - Mobile Home Park
I have to say that I am very happy that JCF Lending Group has re-activated it's broker program, you don't know how many customers seeking to purchase or refinance a manufactured home that I have had to turn away in the past year alone. I want to give Cindy Marsh, Steve Erdmann and Karyn Christensen a thumbs up for a job well done, and forgive me for my lack of manufactured housing experience.

Good Luck!
Wendy Fallbrook, ATC Mortgage - California
My neighbor was telling me about what an easy time he had on the purchase of his manufactured home with JCF Lending Group, I thought I would call to see if they would be able to refinance my mobile home loan. I have been trying for a while with no luck. I called and to my surprise they helped me by saving me Thousands of dollars. I would recommend anyone that needs to refinance his or her mobile home to contact JCF Lending Group.

J.Perry, Florida - Manufactured Home Community
My husband and I were looking to refinance our mobile home mortgage and consolidate some of our credit cards. JCF Lending Group was able to do this for me! The whole process to do this took about 2 weeks and was so easy. Now we are able to have a little more spending cash a month.

Mr. & Mrs. Reese, Michigan - Mobile Home Park
I was trying to find someone to refinance my manufactured home loan. I called several people and a lot of the places that I called I had to leave messages, I was getting really frustrated. I found JCF Lending Group on the internet and I was able to talk to someone immediately via their live chat room. Also, when I call them they have a real person answering the phone. That was the main reason that I went with JCF Lending Group to refinance my mobile home. Then as the process went along I was very pleased with the overall ease of the refinancing of my home.

Thank you JCF, for all of your hard work,
God Bless,
Sitara James, Pennsylvania - Leased Land
I have not completed my loan yet, but just wanted to say that I love being able to check my account online. At any hour of the day, I can see exactly where my account is and how things are going.

Very cool feature,
Davie Goldman - Washington